The James Joseph Castleton Research Organization was established November 18, 1959 at the home of June Howe Johnson. Present at the time of the organizing were from left to right:

Back Row: ? Castleton, Elliot Howe, William Hughes, Leo Castleton, Hoffman Hughes, Anker Schade, Peggy Ann Sorenson, Lowell Castleton,
June Johnson, Marriett Bessie. Middle Row: Norma Castleton, Wilma Walgren, Mary Hughes, Phoebe Castleton, Josephine Schade, Laura Castleton. Front Row: Irma Castleton, Florence Howe, Myrtle Castleton, Arthur Castleton, Lucille Savage, Louise Nelson.

It has been almost a half century since our ancestors started The James Joseph Castleton Family Research Organization. Since then a lot of research has been done. With the marvelous new technology that has been invented over the last half century, our opportunities for research and travel leave us little excuse to not do research. We have things at our fingertips that our ancestors couldn’t even dream of. Few members of the the original organization are left. We can still interview the survivors and get their stories. Let’s do our part.

Heather Walgren graduated from B.Y.U. after serving a family history internship in England for B.Y.U.’s Immigrant Ancestor Project during the summer of 2007. She is now working full time as a genealogist for Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation. She has taken the opportunity to review our family research and correct some errors. She found new Castleton and Bowdidge information in England that she has included in her PAF files. She is scanning family histories, photos, and vital documents and has been busy typing complete journals that will be included in the notes of her PAF files. Let’s help her out. We hope to have a comprehensive gedcom to send to everybody in the family who wants one hopefully by Christmas 2008. We invite you to join in. Let’s keep this family tradition alive.

You can email her at to join and volunteer. Put Attention Heather in the subject line.

If you have copies of photos, documents or journals to share, send them as attachments to Heidi at

To subscribe to The Castleton Family News or to contribute email Janet at – you guessed it

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


3 Responses to “The Castleton Family Research Organization”

  1. GR said

    Are you relations to the Castleton store in Utah from the 1970-1980s?
    I would love to see old pics of the store inside and out.

    Thank you

  2. helen harry said

    i am a family member of heathe walgren please add me

  3. I too have heard some on these stories… grandfather Richard Castleton educated me on much of the Castleton legacy. He himself made the family name very strong in the SLC area with the family clothing company.

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