Several years ago I had a friend who would brag about her family history. I countered by bragging about my family history. After a few years of this, I thought I would show her that my family history was the best. I brought out my family history and when I showed it to her she said, “That’s my family history too!”

Our great-grandfathers were brothers yet we had no idea we were cousins!

I saw this same scenario played out by two elderly neighbors in a retirement apartment complex I managed. The two women had been neighbors for years yet they had no idea they were cousins. When they discovered their common ancestors, a rich rewarding family relationship developed. We desire the same.

The purpose of this blog is to:

  • Find the down line for the Castleton family
  • Get a comprehensive history of our ancestors
  • Obtain photos and documents
  • Publish a Castleton Family History book and genealogy 
  • Invite a friendly family correspondence

Submissions for blog posts can be emailed to

If you would like to be added as a contributor on this blog please contact us at We would like all new contributions to be added as posts and leave the comment section for comments on specific posts.

Janet Walgren – Administrator
Heather Walgren – Editor/Genealogist ~ Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation
Heidi Browning – Editor/Graphic Design


One Response to “About this blog”

  1. Hi. I’m a Castleton and Aurthur Robert is my Great grandpa and Ellen D., my Great grandma. Love to learn more about this blog and the connections you’ve made.
    My phone number: 253-503-9755

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